The Benefits of Electronic Recordkeeping for Your Clinical Program with Richard Palma, Director of the Duke Cardiac Ultrasound Certificate Program

“Regardless of what type of program you manage, Nursing or Allied Health, paper for recordkeeping in a clinical environment is basically useless. Stop placing value in paper. It can be compromised – very easily. Paper can be lost, it can be damaged.

It can fall into the wrong hands. Paper can be fraudulently entered and edited. You can have people forging documents in terms of hours, etc. The pandemic has provided more validation for the use of electronic skills tracking and reporting that is found in Trajecsys.

Using Trajecsys means you'll

  • review customized reports

  • access real-time reporting

  • increase communication across all levels

  • complete student portfolios

  • and much more...

All accessible on any device. If any program director is unsure about going paperless with Trajecsys, now is the time! This is the right decision for your clinical educators, clinical instructors, and program."

"Trajecsys is the best system out there."

Richard Palma, BS, RDCS, RCS, ACS, FACVP, FSDMS, FASE, Director of the Duke Cardiac Ultrasound Certificate Program

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