Increase Accountability with Improved Reporting

Faculty can look at student and program data in a wide variety of ways. Some examples:

• Who hasn’t completed a certain skill checkoff yet?

• What’s the average score on this item across all juniors?

• What is the class average for an evaluation from last semester as compared to this semester?

• Which evaluator rates students the lowest?

• Which student is performing below class average on specific items?

• What areas assessed do most students excel in?

• Which student is rated lowest by the same evaluator?

• Which sites provide the most training exposure to a specific procedure?

• What pathologies are most often encountered by a student?

• Which sites or instructors are rated most highly by students?

Export your data to Excel whenever you want for even more ways to view results - whether you want time sheets, logsheets, checkoffs, evaluations or other completed forms.