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Mobile Friendly Design

We're constantly upgrading our application to take advantage of the changing ways in which users view and interact with cloud-based information.

For example, if you're viewing this on a tablet or desktop computer, resize your browser window to see how our site responds. We always keep in mind how our site responds to different browsers, operating systems, and devices.

The Trajecsys Report System represents big improvement over paper or spreadsheet-based recordkeeping, improving both the efficiency and speed of communication.

Post Announcements, Send Emails

Improving both the efficiency and speed of communication between user groups are reasons why the Trajecsys Report System represents a quantum jump from paper-based recordkeeping.

Post targeted announcements on student or preceptor home pages - so any time a student or preceptor logs in, your latest message is there to see.

Send emails to specific groups of users, too...goodbye to maintaining extensive distribution lists - since all users provide their own email addresses when they register. And because users can edit their own preferred email address, faculty can be sure they’re sending messages to the email accounts that are being read.

The Trajecsys Report System also has built-in rules which automate the process of communication between user groups. For instance, faculty can configure automated notifications to be sent to preceptors who forget to approve time records after a specified number of days - or remind evaluators that they're late in completing an evaluation. Faculty also receive automated notifications if certain events happen; for instance, a disapproved time record results in immediate notification to designated faculty.

Notifications can even be sent upon the submission of any form or evaluation - so if an incident report or request for absence is filed, faculty can know immediately.

Upload and Share Documents

Just as you can share announcements with specific groups, you can also share documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs with students, instructors or faculty.

Users can always have the latest clinical guidelines, rotation schedules or student handbooks available in one handy location.

Filter Students, Sites, and Shifts

The more students in a program, the bigger the challenge to know how students are doing and to react to issues quickly and effectively.

We've built a way to manage student records that works with even the largest programs! Quickly create a private or public reusable filter by selecting students or sites. For example, select all the junior students, then name your new filter “Juniors.” Use it any time you want to run a report, or share it so the entire faculty has permission to use the same filter.

Generate on demand the data your program needs...and learn how the ability to look at what's happening from different perspectives can give everyone new ideas about how to improve program accountability and student outcomes.