Trajecsys Corporation Announces Launch of SPE Tracker™ (Systematic Plan of Evaluation) for Seamless Accreditation for Nursing and Allied Health Programs

September 27, 2022. Trajecsys Corporation is proud to announce the launch of our new patent pending SPE Tracker™ for schools and programs of Nursing and Allied Health. This exciting new feature of the Trajecsys Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping™ system will provide programs and institutions a better way to organize and track their accreditation standards, as well as capture notifications of critical events within those standards at any time. It centralizes important pieces of program documentation and provides a feature that will aggregate critical program evaluation tracking for deans, program leaders, and/or administrators. The SPE Tracker creates value for institution-level users, while also discouraging the usage of inefficient Excel spreadsheets or paper-based tracking.

The goal of this feature is to streamline data collection for accreditation, and to provide summary reporting, scheduling, and notifications for various sites’ accreditation standards and criterions.

The benefits of the SPE Tracker feature include:

  • Notifications and alerts for unreviewed or standard deficiencies.
  • Tracking and maintaining all standards information, along with all other clinical and lab data.
  • Ability to easily pull data to provide evidence for accreditation (BON) visits.
  • Options for .xls and .pdf reports (also optional printable html).

Easily enter and export accreditation data within the customizable SPE Tracker table, which includes:

  • Options for review dates.
  • Notifications when a standard review is approaching, emailed to nursing faculty, directors, coordinators, and/or nurse administrators. This feature ensures all stakeholders are on the same page when a criterion is due, preventing delays in review.
  • One-click renewal of reviews.
  • An expected level of achievement (ELA) column to enter data.
  • Ability to upload essential evidence to present to the board of nursing and national accreditors.
  • Printable tables.
  • Qualitative and/or quantitative data entry.

Please contact Cara Heinrich, Director, Business Development, for additional information at [email protected]

About Trajecsys

Trajecsys provides Nursing Education and Allied Health programs with an online, mobile-friendly Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping™ system to help bridge the gap between education and practice, ensuring student outcomes and core competencies are managed in one place.

Trajecsys provides easy-to-use tracking tools to enable programs to meet 21st-century goals and objectives, helping programs integrate core learning curricula with competencies tied to outcomes and experiences in an integrated communications platform.

Our system enables programs to remotely:

  • Track students’ lab/clinical time (GPS tracking),
  • Document interactions between students and faculty/instructors,
  • Monitor progress for students’ competencies over time, and more!

It also includes real-time reporting for programs, physical signatures from faculty, and allows students to transfer their completed and documented lab/clinical skills portfolios to potential employers. The seamless skills tracking platform and evaluation portal eliminate the need for multiple systems for lab and clinical tracking. Learn more at