Trajecsys (NLN booth 311) Clinical Tracking Tools for Nursing Programs

We are all aware the impact COVID has had on nursing programs, which has forced us to rethink the delivery of classroom, lab, and clinical content. Programs are now utilizing online teaching tools, as well as incorporating fragmentary tools to monitor students remotely, while clinical sites limit access for faculty and students. We’d like to invite you to stop by Booth 311 at NLN and discover why so many nursing programs have benefited from using Trajecsys' Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping system during these difficult times. Our Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping system helps nursing programs remotely track students and faculty while they are in skills labs and clinical settings.

Trajecsys creates efficiencies for nursing program faculty and staff who can access information seamlessly any time, on any device, while creating an overall level of accountability for all. Our remote monitoring tools help track students’ lab and clinical skills (documenting students’ progression from the beginning to the end of program), check-offs, surveys, evaluations (faculty and student), charting, systematic plan of evaluation (SPE), end-of-program student learning outcomes (SLOs), and other forms required by the Board of Registration in Nursing and accrediting bodies, to be completed by students, faculty, instructors, employers, and more. Trajecsys allows program faculty and staff to monitor student time and attendance while in the lab and at clinical sites.

Trajecsys allows students to create, monitor, and download their student Clinical Portfolio with a click of a button any time. Portfolios can be used to create individual accountability for students and used as part of their career portfolios/resumes for the job interview process. We would like to connect with you at our booth (311) during the 2021 NLN show. If you’d like to schedule a tour of the system prior to the NLN conference, please let us know and we would be happy to set up a 1-hour Trajecsys Web Tour to show you around.