Trajecsys Testimonial: Tammy Kramer, Director of Lancaster County Career & Tech Center, Vet Tech

Trajecsys Testimonial: Tammy Kramer, Program Director of Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, Veterinary Technology Program

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I'm here today to recommend Trajecsys as our essential skills tracking system. We have used them for the first year and we had nothing but success - a couple of bumps here before when we first started but that's expected.

I just want to let you know that they have a terrific support system. Heidi has been fabulous. I have emailed Heidi multiple times… sometimes two three times a day I've been on calls with Heidi to go over different problems that I was having or questions I would have and she did not hesitate once to say sure let's hop on a call or email me back immediately. It's always fabulous for that.

Students are getting the hang of it and students seem to be a lot easier than using a book to write in or to lose more or less. They can use it from their phone we just started using it at our clinical sites and they have been doing pretty successfully clocking in and out so we know what times that they've been there and how many hours they have actually been done there.

So that is my little take on Trajecsys. I think it's a great program and I'm looking forward to going on my second year with it!