Dear Trajecsys Community,

We know these are challenging and uncertain times for our clients and all of our users so I wanted to personally reach out to you today to say that we are here for you and your program needs. We stand behind you, and our team is available at any point you need us so don't hesitate to reach out.

As part of our commitment to your school and given the current state of uncertainty for your peers, Trajecsys would like to offer our clocking in and out functionality for any of our current client peer programs that do not currently use Trajecsys. These would be other programs at your school who do not currently use Trajecsys. We would like to help relieve some of their stress knowing they can get a student time and attendance tracking system set up quickly at no cost.

We have many students continuing to attend clinicals using the clocking in and out system at their facilities while program directors and clinical instructors are prevented from entering those facilities. Trajecsys has been a great tool to allow those programs to stay in constant communication and allow that part of your needs to be stress free.

We also see students using the clock in and out system while performing simulation activities in the lab setting (limiting to under 10 at a time) as well as some students performing simulations or clinical activities at home. We want to extend this offer to our client program peers with free access until June as we all deal with these uncertain times. We also have a COVID – 19 Acknowledgement form available to all programs to use.

Please continue to be safe. We will be here if you need us.

Please have your colleague at your school contact [email protected] if they would like to avail themselves of the free clock in/out service.