Trajecsys Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping® Receives TX-RAMP Level 2 Certification

March 30, 2023

Trajecsys Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping® is pleased to announce that it has received a Level 2 certification, the highest tier of authorization, from the Texas Risk and Authorization Management Program (TX-RAMP).

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) established TX-RAMP in 2021 as a result of Senate Bill (SB) 475 that was passed during the 87th legislative session. It mandates the implementation of sound security, and data management and governance measures alongside a certification process that streamlines the onboarding of cybersecurity solutions.

“I am very excited to see the recognition of our unwavering commitment to the security of the Trajecsys Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping® system. Achieving this milestone is a testament to our commitment,” said Brian Bright, CEO of Trajecsys. “This TX-RAMP Level 2 certification could not have been achieved without the dedication of our IT and support teams to protecting our clients’ data and security. And while we are proud of this achievement, we continually strive to innovate and provide the best possible clinical recordkeeping and reporting software for nursing and allied health programs.”

TX-RAMP provides a standardized approach for security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring of third-party vendors that process the data of a state agency or public higher education institution in the State of Texas (agencies). Effective January 1, 2022, Texas Government Code § 2054.0593 mandates that agencies can only enter into contracts with TX-RAMP compliant vendors. TX-RAMP Level 2 is reserved for confidential or regulated data in moderate or high-impact systems and requires a NIST 800-53 Moderate Impact Baseline assessment (325 controls).

Trajecsys hosts thousands of educational programs in dozens of modalities, including nursing, radiography, sonography, radiation therapy, information management, speech therapy, medical assisting, nuclear medicine technology, dosimetry, medical lab sciences, respiratory therapy, nutrition and dietetics, and many more.

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