Please read our policy carefully!

Bookstores can be hard for us to work with. If you select this option, please review our policy below:

1) Bookstore payment to Trajecsys Corporation is due in full, for the number of students you have specified, no later than 30 days from the payment deadline.

2) If partial payment is received, you must notify us of which students have paid, and all other students must pay us directly either by check or credit card from the student payments page of our website within 14 days. If you do not provide us with a list of paid students, all students marked to have paid through the bookstore will have Trajecsys Report System access revoked at that time; otherwise, only students who have not paid will have access revoked. Students may NOT pay the bookstore after the deadline, because we will generate only one invoice to the bookstore. If they do pay later, they will need to seek a refund, then pay us directly.

3) If no payment is received from the bookstore by 30 days past the deadline date, we will bill your program directly with payment due upon receipt. It will be your responsibility to sort out the issues with the bookstore and seek reimbursement from them or from your students; payment from your program is due within 14 days.

Make sure that you share this information with program directors or other administrators, as well as all students.