Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping™ for Paramedic

Tracking of student progress remotely is easy and seamless with Trajecsys Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping™ for Paramedic education programs. There are countless ways to eliminate the possibility of lost paperwork or sort through reports on competencies and evaluations from any device at anytime.

  • What is the class average for an evaluation from last semester as compared to this semester?
  • Who hasn’t completed a certain skill checkoff?

Increase communication across all groups to ensure student success!

Online Remote Attendance Tracking
Keep track of your students' time and attendance, as well as monitor their location at the time of the clock record with a GPS-enabled device
Customized, Electronic Set-Up of Each Program's Forms at No Cost
Our team implements your unique program competency and evaluation forms from outside-the-box documents like time off requests and daily or weekly journal forms.
Easy Online Access to Accreditation Reporting
View comprehensive data in a few clicks, not a few hours. We have multiple filtering options to run customized reports on evaluations, item averages, and much more.

Seamlessly capture student clinical rotation data Online

  • Online Real-Time Reporting
  • Capture Embedded Physical Signatures Electronically
  • Remediate in Timely Manner
  • Build or Edit Procedure and Skill Lists
  • Build Your Forms and Assessments
  • Student Assignment Scheduler
  • Multiple Programs with One Login
  • Share Documents
  • User Guides and Video Tutorials
  • Multiple Payment Methods
Time Records

Know exactly when your students arrive at lab or a clinical site. Time records can be approved by site-based instructors with reports by student, site, and date available to everyone.

Activity Reports

Students log daily lab or clinical activities so you always know what's happening. They can also export or print reports as part of a professional portfolio to share with prospective employers.

Checkoffs and Forms

Site-based instructors can approve a student's skill proficiencies for any skill at any time. Create or edit student performance evaluations, or create forms or assessments for students to complete. We'll get you started - then you can take over.


Let us help you automate the process of assigning clinical sites and rotations...moving students around shouldn't take up so much time! Move a student to a new location and share information seamlessly with the student and the site!

Advantages for You!

Dean/Academic Administration:
View any and all program data remotely from any device with ease.
Program Directors:
Online Access to Comprehensive and Customizable Reporting features for accreditation requirements to include anonymous surveys and embedded physical signature capture.
Clinical Coordinators:
Remotely track and manage student attendance with Geolocation and all clinical rotation Data to include affiliate agreements.
Enter and monitor objective requirements for any cohort in just a few clicks.
Clinical Instructors/Preceptors/Site Employees:
Verify and confirm student progress with online student portfolios. Seamless electronic submission of competencies and evaluations.

Regis College School of Nursing Streamlines Student Clinical Skills Recordkeeping with Trajecsys Report System


Founded in 1927, Regis College is a small college with a 132-acre campus located in the town of Weston, 12 miles west of Boston. Regis College’s School of Nursing offers programs for those wishing to start a career in nursing as well as current nurses seeking to advance their careers. All nursing programs in the School provide cutting edge education and strive to meet the needs of an ever-changing field. Courses are also offered off-site at Boston area hospitals including Norwood Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner, and Boston Medical Center. In addition, an entire BS completion program for RNs is offered at Regis’s satellite campus in Lawrence, Massachusetts at Northern Essex Community College.


With more than 400 pre-licensure junior and senior nursing students, in 2013 the Regis School of Nursing was struggling to keep track of all of their students’ numerous required lab and clinical activities. “We were still using paper sign­off sheets,” explained Patricia M. McCauley, DNP, CHSE, RN, former Director of the Clinical Resource and Simulation Center in the School of Nursing and Health Professions. “We tried, unsuccessfully, to manage records in a couple of different ways. We tried having the instructors hold the records, and then we tried having the students be responsible for holding on to their records. It was a very cumbersome and inefficient process. Instructors would forget to sign off. Students would lose their sign­off sheets. It was a mess.” They had an immediate need to find a solution with which they could track the skills students had learned. The Radiography department at the College was using the Trajecsys Report System, which is how McCauley first heard about Trajecsys, its functionality, and the positive results it was providing for that department.


For Regis’ Nursing Program, it was initially used for recordkeeping of nursing skills, which are completed in the Clinical Resource and Simulation Center, allowing administrators to know when a student has achieved proficiency in a skill or activity. The Trajecsys Report System supports each set of items documenting a student's progress toward professional entry-level abilities, in addition to supporting multiple item sets, which can remain paired to the same skill or procedure. For example, if a program has a lab competency, a general competency, and a final competency for a single skill, the system can provide separate assessments and reports and relate them all to the same skill.


After implementing the Trajecsys Report System, the program was able to completely streamline their previously cumbersome recordkeeping processes – providing numerous time­saving advantages and procedural efficiencies – all backed by the Trajecsys team. According to McCauley: “The Trajecsys support has been great. During implementation, they were right there for us; they conducted multiple meetings at the outset in order to understand our specific needs.”


Clinical instructors could now see the skills that students had completed in real-time, which enabled them to identify where students’ skills are lacking and where they might be having trouble.


Regis also wanted to electronically keep track of how many students are in the lab on a weekly basis and to track how often students are coming for extra help. McCauley added, “We needed to have documentation around what we’re doing – specifically for our resource center that is open 24 hours. It was necessary from an admin standpoint, but also key for a number of our grant applications. Students can now clock in and clock out and all of it’s tracked through Trajecsys.”


The Trajecsys solution also cut down on the workload and administrative tracking of paperwork


When students apply for jobs, they have complete electronic documentation of the skills they’ve completed. “It benefits the students in the end,” added McCauley, “since they’re able to provide visually pleasing skills portfolios, which stand out among stacks of resumes.”